April 16, 2014

7 Things I'm Learning Right Now

I've had a few posts brewing for this space recently but nothing has quite stuck - so I thought I would just take today to share a handful of things that I've been working through in the past few weeks. We're less than sixty days away from the wedding (!!!) and a lot is going on, so it has certainly felt like a season of growth; of stretching and forming and moving. I've also felt less inclined to post as much 'fluff' on this blog, so I'm hoping that y'all will still stick with me if the talk turns away from the fluff and a little deeper into life. Good? Good :)

Let's just say that twenty-fourteen is already flying by. There are things that I'm learning and dealing with daily, but I think that there are just a few bigger things that I'm gradually absorbing this year. An easy one first - I've been learning that (1) social media is overrated sometimes. I'm taking a break from instagram right now and I've taken almost every form of social media off of my phone, and it's been really nice. I love posting pictures and saying funny things as much as the next person, but keeping a safe distance from the constant need to insta/tweet/etc has almost given me more room to breathe.

I've also been learning (2) about health, and about what kind of expectations I put on myself in terms of what health means.

It's been drilled into me more and more recently that health is equally as spiritual and mental as is is physical, and I've been trying to let my definitions of a healthy day not be so...defined. I try and make a trip to the grocery store on Sunday to buy good, whole foods before the week starts, and I try to do something active every day...but I've also tried to let go of the mentality that one slice of pizza ruins a whole day of good eating, or that a workout/walk/run isn't quite good enough to "count." There are enough expectations out there already , so I'm working on not putting extra, unnecessary expectations on myself. But enough of that for now - this could easily be a whole post on it's own.

A third and fourth thing? I've been learning to (3) savor, and (4) share. This season of engagement is going by absurdly fast - granted, we're going to end up with about a 6 month engagement so it's a little short to begin with. This speed, though, has forced me to slow down - I want to really enjoy this time with Steve as we transition into the next chapter of our lives, and I certainly don't want to blink and miss the whole thing.  I didn't start out this year with a one-word resolution, but I really think that my word of 2014 might be savor.

Sharing, though? The thing is - and this is a little deeper, y'all -  that the whole world tells you that when you're about to get married, your time is your time. You're told from every direction that the bride should be the center of attention and that the wedding is all about you, but Steve and I have been deeply - and surprisingly - blessed in this season to be reminded that it's not. We have precious friends in several walks of life that are also engaged, and by sharing this season with them, I am gently reminded that our marriage will be deeper than the wedding day, and deeper than this brief moment of attention. In this season and for the rest of our lives, our prayer is for God to be glorified in our marriage and for our love for each other to reflect the love that Jesus has for us. Sharing this season can be tough - and it's filling up our weekends for sure! - but it has been an honor and a blessing to walk into this new chapter with friends by our side.

And plus...who can complain about extra nights of celebrating with friends and dancing till we drop? Not this girl ;)

On a lighter note, I've also been learning this year that (5) Google Drive is the bomb.com when it comes to event planning, that (6) black coffee really is drinkable, and sometimes even preferable, and that (7) you can find anything on craigslist. I'll fill you in on my recent craigslist finds over a cup of coffee later...or you can just let your imagination run wild ;)

That's all for me right now - what have you guys been learning this year?

Love y'all. That's all.
        - Haley

April 8, 2014

Review | Stitch Fix Seven

Well hey, friends! It's the perfect day for a Stitch Fix review - don't you think? I probably don't even have to make the speech but I will anyway because, you know, yolo.

Stitch Fix is a personal shopping service,and y'all know that I'm a fan. For $20, they send a box of 5 clothing or accessories items that they think you like (based on an online style profile) to your door, with a return-addressed envelope. You get to try on the clothes in your own home with your own accessories, and it's super simple - you just keep what you want, and send back what you don't! Plus, the $20 styling fee goes towards whatever you end up keeping. I've been getting Stitch Fix boxes about every other month for over a year (read more about them herehere, here, here, here, and here),  and it has been the most fun ever.

I had just a long, gross day a few weeks ago, and it was just enough to persuade me to order a new box - maybe not a good habit, but oh well!

In this box, I asked for colorful spring pieces - and my stylist, Cindy, was spot on. My weekend got away from me so I took the lazy route and just threw clothes on hangers to have some pictures for you guys - but that's close enough, right?

1. Loveappella Strasbourg Split-Neck Knit Top

A little bit shape-less, and just not flattering on me. Loved the bright pink color, but ultimately returned it.

2. 41Hawthorn Abrianna Longsleeve Knit Cardigan

I really liked this cardigan when I pulled it out of the box, but I have several similar long cardigans (plus a short one in a similar color!), so this wasn't worth it to me. See ya on the flip side, blue cardi.

3. Renee C Gabe Striped Maxi Skirt

Y'all, I have been on the hunt for a good maxi skirt - so I was really excited when I saw that there would be one coming in my box! This skirt was also probably the hardest decision this month - it fit great and I absolutely wanted something like this for my wardrobe...but it was really orange. I like orange, but this was extra extra orange. 

I said I didn't take any pictures, but I tried this skirt on so many times that I did end up snapping a few. It was Friday morning at about 6:15 before I shipped everything back and left town for the weekend, so please don't judge the wet hair/messy room/sleepy eyes. Just feel honored that you're getting an extra-personal look into my life today ;)

What do you think? This was a tough one for me, but I ended up deciding to send it back and hold out for a more neutral skirt to fill the maxi void in my life.

4. 41Hawthorn Daphne Scalloped Colorblock Dress

Like everything else, I was really excited when I pulled this dress out of the box! The scalloped detail was a win for sure, and the colors were so springy and fun! The dress was the priciest item in my box this round ($68) and was just too big, though, so back to Stitch Fix headquarters it went.

5. Bay to Baubles Century Pop Color Double Chain Necklace

Out of a box of five sweet spring pieces, this gold double chain necklace ended up being the only thing I kept! The pictures don't do it justice - a longer, thinner chain hangs low, and a more medium-length chain (with a pop of aqua!) sits just a few inches above the first one. This necklace was a winner in my book - I've been on a gold kick recently, but I love the extra splash of color!

What do you think - was the necklace enough, or should I have kept something else? Weigh in, people :) Thinking about trying Stitch Fix for yourself? Sign up here, and let me know how it goes!

Love y'all. That's all.

P.S. - if you've clicked over here via The Blog Baton, WELCOME! I'm glad you're here - sit and stay a while :)

April 2, 2014

Best of Wednesday

Mercy mercy, I am head-over-heels in love with the weather that we've got in NC right now. Friends in other parts of the country, are y'all experiencing the same sunny skies and warm breezes that we've got today?

Aside from the weather, here are some other things that I think are just the best right now -

Best Thrifty Find: These Blue Dishes, from the Habitat Restore here in Charlotte. My sweet friend Elizabeth gave me a blue-and-white teapot for my birthday last year, and I was ecstatic to find these cute little teacups at the restore on Saturday...for fifty cents each!

They don't match the teapot perfectly, but that's the beauty of this collection. Mismatched matching.

Also, If you haven't ever checked out your local Habitat ReStore, it's worth a trip - we went to ours last weekend, and it was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon! We only walked away with the two china teacups, but I know I was tempted by more than a few glass vases that we saw, and there were some little dressers and hutches that caught my eye as well.

Best Treat for a Tuesday: Um, THIS.

I got a new Stitch Fix box yesterday, and it came at just the right time - since the weather has warmed up, I was really excited to get a box full of spring clothes to choose from! I haven't decided for sure what I'm keeping yet, but regardless, be on the lookout for a box reveal & review coming up soon :)

Best Snack: These Banana Chips with this almond butter.

Steve called me the other day and asked if I had eaten dinner. I said, "That's a complicated question." He said, "Are you eating right now?" ...yes. "Are you eating almond butter?" ...again, yes.

He claims that I sound different on the phone when I"m eating almond butter because it's sticky and I can't open my mouth all the way. I think that's silly, but whatever :)

What are your best snacks or thrift store treasures from this week? And while we're sharing, I'm on the hunt for a Best New Show - bonus points if it's already on Netflix with multiple seasons! I don't watch a lot of TV, but every so often you just need a night in with something good to watch. Help a sister out?

Love y'all. That's all :)